Coming Soon! 128 bit encrypted, multiband, password protected live streaming HD deposition video.

This is a demonstration of what High Definition multimedia video might look like and is best viewed in YouTube's HD settings. The original upload was 1920 x 1080 progressive, but may default in YouTube's player to SD, so understand this if the resolution does not appear in HD, in that case you would have to reset it. In any event, the demo shows how you can bring multiple sources into a court compliant video. In the real world, all the material would be recorded in High Definition video. It could even be streamed live to remote counsel while it's being recorded.

Highlights of some services offered by Certified Legal Video Services, LLC

Corporate Event Video motivating associates and encouraging them to communicate within the organization. This entire sequence, which was originally 90 minutes long was shot with a single camera.

Early adaption of tapeless court-compliant digital video production workflows with multiple backup.

Dual camera mixed deposition video demo incorporating an Elmo with 64x magnification. Picture on the left is of a small object revealing the tiny manufacturer's stamp on a piece of sterling silver.